Thoughts and patterns that keep you stuck
Old beliefs and paradigms that keep you "tied to the dock"
Outdated systems and models that no longer serve you.

The Physiological, the Psychological and the Spiritualogical.
Sustainable peak performance
Your purpose and passion in business and life

Online and personalised one-to-one inspiration and guidance
Latest cutting edge and engaging resources, products and tools       

Alchemised next level results and outcomes

 Tommy and Adrian bring a new, exciting, and upbeat way of delivering content, helping to transform businesses and organisations, with their leaders and teams, into the new world of health and wellbeing and sustainable peak performance




What's in the Quantum Performance Program?

The Physiological


What is the right specific diet for you, and when should you eat?


What is the right exercise for you and when should you exercise?


What is the right sleep for you and when should you sleep?

The Psychological


Are you still tied to the dock?

How to use "You become what you think about" to your advantage?

How do you manifest the state of FLOW?

The Spiritualogical

This is the aspect of our life that is even less tangible than the Psychological. This is where people often talk about the ‘Woo-Woo’. However, in this current time ‘’Quantum’ is becoming the new term as science starts to embrace some of the more spiritual or quantum worlds. In The CAP we incorporate this aspect to bring about a wholeness – a holistic – approach to our project of ‘Bringing Soul into Business’.

The Quantum Performance Program

Video Outlines

Episode 1

Baselining and access to your complimentary Health Optimisation Strategy session to sustainable peak performance session with Tommy Galant.


Episode 2 - 5

Learn how to improve your physiological wellbeing. Tommy shares his picture of the ‘three-legged stool’ for physiological health. By implementing the information and tasks from this you will experience change, which will give you more energy, vitality and health.

Episode 6

Transiting from the Physiological to the Psychological – The Brain Body and Being. You will learn how to get to optimal brain function and a better state of flow in your daily life.

Episode 7

Learn more about the working with the power of the Psychological with ‘Mindfulness, Soulfulness and Stillness’ and how to develop and implement these into your business and life. Essential tools to help prevent and stop anxiety, depression and stress.

Episode 8

Here we enter into what Tommy and Adrian have coined 'The Spiritualogical' - It is all about bringing the non-tangible into the tangible. Entering into this territory – into the ‘Quantum’ - is where the new way of working is going … The new paradigm!

Episode 9

Listen to Tommy and Adrian explaining the importance of moving from the hustle and grind towards purpose and creating new habits. Expanding life outside of the hustle and grind to bring in more purpose, passion and joy.

Episode 10

Watch, read and learn about how you can embrace your Will, Action and Gratitude in a new way. These are not ‘woo woo’ concepts – these are essential aspects to taking yourself and even your business or company into that new quantum space with focused leadership.

Episode 11

here you will get to engage with the pursuit of nurturing the Soul and finding one's purpose through connecting with self, people and life. However, as you will hear, it is not always do easy to make these changes. What can stop this transformation? Adrian shares some insights into what he calls 'The Three Beasts'

Episode 12

Tommy and Adrian bring the video series to a completion and ask the question - What's next?

The Quantum Performance Program

Make it happen in 2023 

Helping you to reset

into the new world paradigm!

If you would like to do the Quantum Performance Program with private one-one coaching, or with a private team or public group with 12 x weekly online meetings, please contact us.

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Scott Bradford, Founder and CEO of QSA Financial, Gold Coast, Queensland Australia

"I can honestly say it's had a huge effect, this isn't a diet, this is a lifestyle change, this is changing your habits..."

John Marcarian, Founder and CEO of Expatland, Sydney, Australia (World Traveller)

“After 8 weeks people started commenting on how healthy I looked. My energy increased significantly and

I felt calmer but (at the same time) I was becoming more effective. I lost 5kgs by Eating, Moving and Sleeping the way I should for my personal Epigenome.”

Robert R
Lawyer, Qld, Australia

"I came away from Adrian's insightful, fun and safe workshop feeling absolutely reconnected, empowered and excited for the future. Adrian not only provided me with a deep understanding of 'where I was' at the time of the workshop but also the tools to carry my learnings forward and make positive changes in my life."

P Fleming 
Executive, NSW, Australia

"After years of corporate training on how to communicate I arrived at Byron Bay to see Adrian with the hope that maybe he could “crack me”.

I had my doubts. I had years of hiding my true self. I had seen a lot of psychologists, counsellors, had years of company training and read numerous books on how to appear confident and handle my emotions….

He was encouraging and understanding. He knew just how far to push me, and he definitely knew what buttons to push… Uncovering the layers of defence I had so successfully built over the years. It was extremely moving, empowering, a life changing experience.

I found my heart space and left knowing and understanding myself a lot better. An increase in self-love and self-respect. I found my centre and a connection with my soul. Thank you, Adrian."

FAQ for The Quantum Performance Program